DevOps is much more than tooling and technical details, it’s first and foremost a cultural and operational shift. In this session Uri will cover some of the guiding principles and best practices leading organization such as Netflix, Etsy, Spotify and others have come up with and implemented to reach the DevOps promised land of smooth operations, continuous delivery, and business agility.




Uri Cohen

Uri Cohen (@uri1803), VP of Product Management at GigaSpaces Uri is responsible for everything product related at GigaSpaces, and leads the definition and execution of the company’s product strategy. He has been with the company for the past five years, serving in a variety of customer facing and technology roles from solutions architect through technology evangelist. Uri is a frequent speaker at industry conferences, covering cloud computing, space-based architecture, and distributed computing. He has over 11 years of technology leadership experience, with specific expertise is in distributed systems, and more recently big data, NoSQL, and cloud.