Wonga.com is one of Europe’s fastest growing technology companies. In an effort to support our growth, we built a DevOps team to drive us towards a continuous delivery model. Armed with lots of knowledge and plenty of tools we learned that a dedicated DevOps team didn’t work for us. We found ourselves with lots of challenges (both technical and cultural) and that in order to succeed, we had to take a different approach.

In this talk we’d like to share the challenges we faced, how we overcame them and are continuing to do so. By the end of the talk we hope you’ll agree “There is no such thing as a DevOps team”.






Clive Foley

I joined Wonga approx. 1 year ago as an engineer. Since then I've been involved in our continuous delivery effort and I'm currently leading the team that is building our release platform. Prior to Wonga I designed and built systems for various industries - ReInsurance and Online Poker to name a few.